As previously reported, we have been making constant uninterrupted progress on the renovation of our church.   Recent progress is outlined below in this brief update.


  • · The new Carillion bell system is in the process of being installed. 

  • · The lighting system design is complete, has been reviewed by the committee and requested changes have been made.

  • · All of the ceiling modifications to the rafters have been completed and the expansive spacious feel of the space is now evident.

  • · Framing of the new sacristy, the reconciliation room and the niches for statues of the Virgin Mother and St. Joseph are complete.

  • · Plumbing connections for sacristy sink are installed

  • · Subflooring is being installed throughout the nave and in the sanctuary.

  • · Our Architect and Builder (Malanga), working in conjunction with a consulting engineer, have collaborated on a structural work around that will save us some money and time since the floor of the choir loft will not have to be removed and rebuilt.

  • · We have done a comprehensive study of our financial status

  • · Gary Barbeau is working on an analysis of the wiring requirements for telephone, internet and security systems

  • · The marble statue of the Immaculate Conception has arrived from Italy and will be uncrated soon at Rambusch in Jersey City

  • · The statue of St. Joseph has arrived and is awaiting restoration

  • · Cushioning for the pews has been chosen and ordered

  • · The Altar of sacrifice was redesigned

  • · Marble material for the high altar, the altar of sacrifice and the stations of the cross has been selected

  • · The steel arch that will expand the height of the sanctuary is on order and should be installed within about 3 weeks

  • · Wiring has been installed for our sound system by Monte Bros


We anticipate that we will be able to conduct a progress tour of the space in a few weeks after the arch in the sanctuary has been installed.  Our builder thinks we are on track for completion around Thanksgiving. 

In the interim, we urge you to be as generous as your means allow in support of the project.  We still need fulfillment of outstanding pledges to complete the basic project and we need additional donations to be able to afford some of the accessories, trim  and Memorial gifts that will comprise the final touches, architectural details and accessories  that will be crucial to making this space a truly special and captivating house for the body of Christ  and worship of our Lord. Please pray for the continued health and safety of the professionals, workers and volunteers who are implementing this project. 


The status of memorial gift contributions and pledges  in outlined in our parish website.