Hello everyone,


I can only thank you for all that you do for our church. Your passion for the renovation project is worth noting and thus, laudable. I thank God for the people like you who are generous stewards of the gifts of Time, Talent and Treasure that God has entrusted to us.


Just as we always pray with our community, that we ask God to guide us and direct us always in this effort so that as we seek to renovate our church, we only do it for the honor and glory that we give to God alone.  We are on this together and each one of us along with our ideas are an important piece in the puzzle.


I want us all to be happy working in this task God has specially given to us. We have to be thankful that we were chosen to work in this project. Let us just be open to where the Lord leads us and wants us to accomplish. We cannot and should not give in to the temptation of division, anger, dissent or confusion.


Every work that we do for God should be done in love. Let us be reminded of St. Paul’s exhortation to the people of Corinth: “If I speak in human and angelic tongues but do not have love, I am a resounding gong or a clashing cymbal. And if I have the gift of prophecy and comprehend all mysteries and all knowledge; if I have all faith so as to move mountains but do not have love, I am nothing.”  As I reflect on this passage, I am so convinced that even if we build a very beautiful monument to God, but in the process, we fail to love, our monument may mean nothing to Him.


Let us make our church a monument of our unity, love and peace. Let it be a reminder of the gifts that we have received from God and use it for his kingdom.


Each one of us has ideas to contribute. They are precious and important for this project. We need to know them. However, as we are ready to put this idea out there to be deliberated, considered and discussed, be ready also to lose them if it is not carried out. Be ready also to rally behind to the idea that may not be essentially perfect but best suits out needs for this project. That is a perfect act of love.


Man proposes, God disposes.


If until now, we are still deliberating how to proceed because of the gap between the cost of the construction and the availability of the fund, please be open to any possibilities for good things to come out. God is sending us a message to be good stewards.  With what we have right now, we have made great strides and almost there. More patience and we will make this work.


In recent days, we have made suggestions as how to proceed. We have with us the plans made by our architects, yet as we are entrusted this project, we have this call to be responsible stewards, to be wise builders as the Gospels tell us and I loosely translate that we should not build that we cannot finish.


So, I enjoin all of you to please pray and reflect. We will build this church of God. We will provide to the people whatever they need to pursue holiness and facilitate the work of God. Just we pray with our community:

We pray that it will be a church befitting of the sacred mysteries that shall be renewed daily upon the altar, where souls will come to behold, worship and adore the Lamb of God

We pray that You will be pleased to dwell in this house of prayer and to fill it with the majesty of Your Presence.

May countless souls find a haven from the tumult of the world.

May hungry souls come to be fed the Bread of Life.

May weary and burdened souls come to find rest.

May contrite and penitent souls come to receive Your great mercy.


This is our prayer. Then this is what we shall accomplish.


And I conclude with our prayer: “relying solely on Your loving Providence, we seek only to renovate this church according to Your will, and we beg of You the grace and continual assistance so that it may be thus accomplished.”


May God who has begun the work in us, bring it to fulfillment.

Fr. Manolo


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