The Buildings and Grounds Ministry at Immaculate Conception Church honors the trust that God and the parish community have placed with us by maintaining the buildings in good repair and keeping the grounds aesthetically.

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What We Do:

We are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all Immaculate Conception Church properties.  The committee also maintains the outdoor grounds, including the surrounding areas, parking lots and school facilities.


In an effort to minimize costs, the B&G committee utilizes internal resources and the wealth of talent within the ICC community to complete many of the jobs that are within our capabilities. 


These include:

  • Painting

  • Fixing windows, walls and doors

  • Planting

  • Weeding and mulching

  • Cleaning

  • Minor plumbing

For work that is outside our expertise, we actively seek quotes from licensed electricians, plumbers and contractors.

What YOU Can Do:

We are always looking for extra hands to help with our ongoing mission.  Any time and skills you can give will be greatly appreciated.  There are several projects that require ongoing attention. 


If you would like to volunteer, please approach one of the committee members or call the church office.

Seasonal Clean-up:

We organize a Clean-Up at least two times a year.  The goal is to collect volunteers to donate 2-4 hours of their time on a given Saturday to tackle seasonal projects.  The days usually attract 20+ volunteers in addition to the committee members.  Clean-Up Sundays are an easy and essential way to give back to the ICC community.

Please join us!  Buildings and Grounds meets regularly.  We review our to-do lists, set priorities, plan events like Clean-Up Saturday, investigate costs, etc.  We meet with electricians, plumbers and contractors when necessary work is beyond our expertise. 


Please contact Joseph Keys or call 201-327-1276.