Lectors are special liturgical ministers whose principal duty is to serve the community by proclaiming the readings from Scripture during liturgies such as the Liturgy of the Mass and on other special occasions when readings from Scripture are included. 


God is, as it were, using the voices of ministers so that his people may hear Him. A thoughtful and prayerful presentation opens the hearts of the community so that the Holy Spirit may speak to each one, enlightening, comforting or challenging them. In the current Church canons, the office of Lector is officially an "instituted" office formally and canonically given to a person by the bishop.  The reform of the Second Vatican Council extended to laypeople the opportunity to perform this liturgical role on a regular basis. 


Any adult may participate in this ministry according to established guidelines and after proper training.  Ministers serve at the regularly scheduled Sunday and weekday Masses as well as being called upon to serve for other special liturgies and events involving Scripture readings.