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Our church's media program is an exciting new way to connect with our congregation and reach out to new members.


With engaging video content, we can share instructional resources, guided prayer and meditation, sermons, seminars and other valuable Catholic formation content within our Parish community and beyond.


Whether you're looking to deepen your faith or simply stay connected to our church's mission, our video program has something for everyone. Join us for our next video release and discover the power of visual media to uplift and inspire.



To enrich the prayer life of our parishioners, ICC has begun producing guided novena prayers.  We invite parishioners to participate by lending their voices in prayer.  These recordings are then uploaded for anyone to pray along with us.

St Gertrude The Great - Novena For the Souls In Purgatory - Day 1

St Gertrude The Great - Novena For the Souls In Purgatory - Day 1

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St. Gertrude the Great

Novena for the Souls
in Purgatory

Nov. 7th - 16th



Periodically, we will upload homilies given by our Pastor, Fr. Manolo or our Deacon, as well as from visiting priests from Don Bosco, Adorno Fathers, the Archdiocese.