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Media Ministry continues the Catholic Church's goal of meeting people where they are.  Leveraging a wide array of digital and print media formats, we are always seeking new ways to connect with our parishioners and deliver Christ's message.


Media Ministry’s mission is to keep parishioner’s connected to their community and faith life no matter where they may be.  Our expanding Ministry is responsible for the maintenance of the parish website, updating our social media, livestreaming masses and prayer sessions, photography and filming for live events,   and video production.

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Media Ministry provides supplemental support to the Parish and its ministries as well as the ongoing maintenance of a few key services:


Our website provides resources and information such as religious education, current events and parish scheduling.


While not a replacement for in-person attendance, our livestream service is a helpful supplement for parish members who are unable to attend mass. 


Media Ministers are responsible for operating the livestream software and camera for Weekend Mass, events and funerals.

Media Ministry also oversees the production of video-based content that plays before, during and after livestream events.


In some cases Media Ministry provides graphic design and layout support for the production of print media materials, such as flyers, leaflets, postcards, signage and more.


For some events, Media Ministry coordinates and produces photo and video-based content.


Our ministry has grown to support multiple disciplines and we are currently seeking volunteers who would like to to join our program and assist us.


Basic computer skills are required for some positions.  For photography and filming, some familiarity with equipment is preferable.   However, training can be provided to anyone interested.


Media Ministry is a mixture of on-site and remote positions with flexible scheduling.


Media Ministry is always seeking new members with diverse skills to add to our team.   We are currently seeking volunteers for the following positions:

Website Manager

Regularly assist in the maintenance and updates for our parish website.

Coding skills not required.

Social Media Manager

We are seeking candidates to assist in regularly updating our social media websites, particularly Facebook and Instagram, and managing our online community. 

Livestream Operator

We are currently seeking candidates to operate our weekly livestream mass.  Operators will run the livestream camera and livestream software.


Information on Media Ministry

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