Restored and Refinished Doors

September 30, 2017


We would like to thank you all for your participation in our Church Renovation Project. We have just finished with the preservation and restoration of our church front door which came out so beautiful. We are now in the process of interviewing architects who will work with us for the plans and design which are needed in order to proceed with the project. The next phase of our renovation is the ELEVATOR SYSTEM. The Renovation Team with the proper guidance from the experts will see to it that we provide our parishioners especially those who are physically challenged an easy access to our beautiful church. We, therefore, ask for your prayers that as we embark in this project, God will bless us with His grace. May God continue to shower all of you his choicest blessings.


Most of you have no doubt noticed by now that the front doors to the church and the associated hardware and moldings have a new look. This was the kick off project of our church renovation. We contracted the project to Alpine Cabinets, a local firm of wood working craftsmen located in Lodi, New Jersey, who have done extensive work within the Archdiocese of Newark. Although the doors may look new, all of the wood surfaces and the associated metal strap hinge and handle hardware are the original 90 year old church doors, moldings and hardware. The doors were removed and completely refinished at Alpine Cabinet’s shop, while they refinished the moldings in situ. Alpine Cabinets also installed temporary doors for us while they were working on the restoration. As can be seen from the photographs of the doors in the shop and the before and after photos, this job was a challenge.


A Big THANKS to our GENEROUS DONORS Substantially all of the cost of this project was donated outside of the church renovation capital campaign budget through the generosity of several parishioners who took it upon themselves to cover the cost of the door renovation; we received a total of $19,929,88. The complete cost of the project was $13,950.00, which included $13,000 for the restoration of the doors, moldings and hardware ( inclusive of temporary doors), and about $300 for new ball bearing hinges and some additional new internal hardware and another $650 for the new door closures and their installation by a local locksmith. Even the door closures were obtained at a substantial discount from retail prices through efforts of one of our parishioners. The remainder of the donation which is $5,979.88 will go to the Church Renovation Account.


Estimates to replace the original doors with completely new doors were well in excess of $60,000. We saved around $46,000.00. 

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