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My dear parishioners,


Peace and every blessing!


I am happy to announce to you we will finally start our church renovation project. In this regard, beginning January 11/12, 2020, we will celebrate all our weekend Masses at the beautiful Maryrest Chapel at 770 Darlington Ave, less than a mile away from our church. Our Daily Masses will be at the Galilee Hall in our Pastoral Center.


I can only thank you for all that you do for our church. Your passion for the renovation project is worth noting and thus, laudable. I thank God for the people like you who are generous stewards of the gifts of Time, Talent and Treasure that God has entrusted to us.


Since my arrival here I tried my best to instill in you a very simple concept: this church and parish do not belong to me but they belong to you! All of us form this family of faith. The purpose of the ministries of our church was to develop our mission as Catholic Christians, build up our parish and local community. In other words, I want you to believe and feel deep within you that yes, this is my church, this is my parish!


To each and every one of you, we may go and celebrate Eucharist to other churches giving certain circumstances, but our parish is Our Lady of Immaculate conception. The sense of belonging is important because while we acknowledge that the Church in general is, of course, much larger than our parish, there is a place we can call our spiritual home, just like our physical homes.


This our parish. Its future depends on us and our parish community. We support it, we love it, through thick and thin and we’re going to build this community up it doesn’t matter who the pastor is. In the end, pastors come and go but you, as parishioners, remain. It is true that a pastor can shape and direct the “boat” in a certain direction but in the end the pastor cannot do it

by himself. That’s where parishioners’ role comes in especially if all of us feel and have that sense of belonging.


Don’t leave us because there is discomfort. Don’t leave us because it requires more effort. It is in this time that your church needs you more than ever.


And I conclude with our prayer: “relying solely on Your loving Providence, we seek only to renovate this church according to Your will, and we beg of You the grace and continual assistance so that it may be thus accomplished.”


May God who has begun the work in us, bring it to fulfillment.


Yours sincerely,


Fr. Manolo


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