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Registration for the 2021-2022 Program is currently, closed.  

Please check back for future enrollment.

For more information, please contact Sue Murken

201-327-1276 ext. 15  or e-mail at:


Parish Religious Education Program

The Immaculate Conception Church Religious Education Program is an integral part our Parish faith community. The goal of our Elementary Religious Education Program is to bring the “Good News” of faith to the Catholic children attending public schools through a catechetical program. The children will be taught basic Catholic beliefs, prepare them for the reception of the sacraments and encourage them to practice the Faith at home and in the community. We will provide them an atmosphere in which all will strive for excellence – spiritually, morally, intellectually and socially.

Our goal is to bring all people into close friendship with Christ. It is fitting then, that our children—who by their participation in the ICC Religious Education program are coming to know Christ—can be joined to Him by receiving Him in Holy Communion. It must be understood that religious instruction and participation in the Mass each Sunday go hand in hand. Without regular participation in the Sunday Eucharist, the goal of religious education goes unmet.  With this goal for our Religious Education this school year, we will introduce the following:



This year, we will incorporate in our curriculum the Monthly Family Mass.  Children enrolled in our Religious Education Program together with their family will come to Mass first before they proceed with their respective religion classes. This Family Mass is on the last Sunday of each month. However, we will continue to encourage families to not just drop their children for religious education classes but to participate in our parish Eucharistic celebration each Sunday.



It was noted that most of our children are not familiar with the basic prayers of the church. Our catechists have tried their very best to teach our children the basic prayers but without praying regularly, they tend to forget them. This year, we will introduce the recitation of the Holy Rosary every First weekend of the month. Before they start with their classes, everyone will gather in the church to pray the rosary together.

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